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TITO & TARANTULA sagen ihre Europatour 2022 ab.

TITO & TARANTULA sagen ihre Europatour 2022 ab.

Darunter fällt auch der Termin am 10.11.2022 in der Tufa.Zur Zeit sind keine Ersatztermine möglich.

Tickets können bei den VVK-Stellen bzw. Ticketplattformen, bei denen sie gekauft wurden, zurückgegeben werden.

Hier das Statement der Band zur Absage:

„Dear fans, dear local partners – we need to talk!After a very successful first tour in 2019 we had to postpone the second part of the „Tito & Tarantula-8 arms to hold you Tour„ (39 shows in Germany, Austria and Switzerland) from fall 2020 to fall 2021 and then another time to fall 2022. In 2020 and 2021 it was the pandemic keeping us from traveling to europe. In 2022 it is a bit different. Like  millions of other people some band members suffering from long term consequences of a Covid-disease since end of 2021. Since beginning of 2022 we waited how the situation is developing. It did not improve much and we need to make a decision now. We will not postpone once again. Unfortunately we need to cancel the „Tito & Tarantula- 8 arms to hold you Tour -2022„ today. Needless to say we are very sorry. Our partners (The Living proof agency/Govinda artist service/ It-sounds/Mühle der Freundschaft) worked hard to keep the fire burning. If circumstances permit and the situation is improving we will start making plans for touring in Europe in 2023.  JupiterXRecords Management – representation of TITO & TARANTULA“